After a long summer of bike events, a weekend off was great. McGoo has been in Vegas all weekend for that whole thing but I was lucky enough to sit this one out. The FXR needed it's third set of rear brake pads this year (gotta get some Tokicos back there) as well as some minor adjustments and fresh oils. Stoked to say all that went easy and I'm ready for next weekends jaunt up to Pismo. The weather has cooled considerably and it's perfect for riding.

Today, me, my pops and my boy went down to the Gunshow at Del Mar. It was my first time and was about what I expected. A few decent tactical gear sellers, lots of silly dress-up kits for varmint guns, tons of Chinese christmas trash and stacks of overpriced ammo and of course, guns everywhere. I bought a few cleaning supplies and this sweet t-shirt.

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