Matt's Sportster

Matt sold his last sportster and rode up on this 2 weekends ago. I love it. It was purple, awkward looking and had these horrible albeit probably very useful saddlebags. You can get one hell of a deal on bikes right now and sportsters are for sure one of the best deals out there. I've seen totally good, reliable, low mileage evo sportsters for like $3k with perfectly good titles and you can ride them home. Matt like so many other guys now see that value and have great ideas on what you can do in a very short time to make them more their own style. There is sooo much you can do to these for very little and have a totally great bike. Here is the one week evolution of changes Matt has done so far all the while keeping his bike a total runner.

As it sits now its 2.5" lower with Biltwell Struts, an older model sportster tank cause the new ones are Giant and sit funny, Cut the fender and exchanged the light for an inexpensive sparto style , Solo Seat and Biltwell Window Bars and Stainless Risers. Next up change out the rear tire and make a new exhaust.


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Tyler said...

Very nice, and in a week without any heavy work that doesn't let you ride..