Slimline Seat Update

We're still noodlin' with the Slimline Seat for pre-rubber Evo sporties. I went over to Duane's this morning and he worked some magic to get the foam slimmer and the kick more pronounced. While I was there I finally got a chance to see the Pink Taco in daylight. Man, it's rad. You'll see it in Street Chopper Magazine some day soon. In the meantime enjoy how nice the DIY Pipe Kit worked out for him and Slim, not just for Harleys, eh? Polished Stainless Risers worked out nice too. Thanks DB!



Anonymous said...

Most anticipated product of 2010?

chessie said...

Man I would so be there for this...if I wasn't already stuck in NE TN for the season. Would you be making a solo seat anytime in the future for my 93 EVO Sporty?

Bill said...

That's what this one will fit..

Uncool Sore Ass said...

Looking very much forward to this seat. I will be one of the first purchasers when ever you get it finished.