Attention SoCal Sportster owners: We need to get our hands on a pre-rubber mount (86-03, if memory serves me) H-D Sportster in essentially stock trim from the tank back: stock rear fender, stock seat (Hugger, Lowboy or otherwise), etc. for fitment testing on our new Banana Seat. We did this with Chris from Blue Collar Moto a couple months ago, and now we have a second generation of this seat. If you're coming to the Biltwell pre-party this Friday the 13th and you own a bike that meets our requirements, please come to Biltwell HQ any time between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. What we've got to do won't take a half hour tops, and there's a free t-shirt and some stickers in it for you. If more than one guy shows up, we'll pick the most stock set-up and use them as the test mule. If you're willing to volunteer, please email  me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

you should send one out to vegas. i could test it on the homo sporty.
then i could get rid of that gay duane ballard seat!
luv ya!!! B.M.G.

Anonymous said...

mabe you should stop being a pussy and come out to slab city

nancy boy!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you would be able to reach the ground with the new biltwell seat. It sits an inch or so higher than the one you have now. Your going to have to stick with the skinny one until you grow into a big boy seat. - Duane

Anonymous said...


RockinRyan said...

I can definitely make it down on friday. I'm in Riverside and ride a 2002 XL. The fender's been chopped a bit, but judging from pictures I've seen of the seat I don;t think it should be an issue. Just let me know (RockinRyan on chopcult).

McGoo said...

RockinRyan and Richie 74 have volunteered for fitment testing this Friday. If you guys come to BIltwell HQ before 4pm, that will be great. If you can't get there until after 7, don't sweat it--we'll be at Lumpy's BBQ by then.



RockinRyan said...

I have Friday off, so I'll head down sometime during the afternoon. See you then.