Gypsy Run 2010

I poached this from Michael Lichter. He shot a boatload of pics on the GR3.
Keep an eye on his blog for the image galleries once they are ready to publish.

Really? Didn't we just finish this event? You can never be too prepared, and Walt over at Kickstart Cycle Supply is starting early. This gives you plenty of time to plan what other events you are going to in 2010 and figure out how the hell to get enough time off to get to NYC and back next August.

Look for a bigger presence from Biltwell on the Gypsy Run next year. This is a premier event, one we really look forward to, and we're proud to be a sponsor. Walt's got a few things up his sleeve for GR4, some make it easier and some add to the challenge. Stay tuned to his blog as things unfold.

Here's the dates, mark your calendar, put in for leave, ask the boss, talk to the OL, whatever you gotta do... Aug 26, 27, 28 & 29. Thur to Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Oh... it's gonna RULE!