Love and SX

A good day of gawking at old bikes at the Love Cycles 1st year anniversary shindig today. Bummer about Matt's bike, so glad HE's fine. Great to meet the Bolts crew in person, see Pangea Andy, and a bunch of other good folks, including some surprise visits by friends from way farther north and east escaping the cold. Mike D's sporty engine and frame got dropped off with George from Spartan for some hardtail action in the near future. Way too many neat bikes to blog. Check the story on Chop Cult in a couple hours. We also hit round two of Supercross, watched some bar bangin' and beer swillin'. It's been a couple years since I've made it to a race and I've got say the latest format is much faster paced and makes for a much better show. Still miss the smell of the two-smokers, but oh well. Not sure what this sign meant, but we saw it on the walk back...

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