Headin' South

We had a great visit with our friend for the Great White North today, Shawn Britton. He's on his way to park his truck in San Dog, then hit the road into mainland Mexico, eventually catching a ferry across to Baja and working his way back up. Yes, that's an old garage-built Honda CB450, and yes, he's going solo. We hope to see him again, with a little better tan and a big bucket full of new road stories in early April some time. The tool kit he brings is unconventional and heavy, but very effective. Shawn is a rare character and his trips are inspirational to say the least.

Godspeed, Amigo!


Whitehurst said...

God Speed amigo, when you get back dont forget to look me up so I can buy ya a beer...I think you will be safe with that damned fucking weird beard - rad!

Bill said...

He's high on life and doesn't drink Whitehurst. But, you can buy me a beer and we'll talk about Shawn, how's that?