Greasebag Hibernates for 2010

Grail busts his ass every year to put on a quality bike show while the peacocks at Laconia compare tribal tats and doo rags. Here's the latest news for this year:

The city of Laconia wants us to get permits for everything - vendors, food, ect…, they want us to hire cops to be at the show… they want to regulate and they want their piece of the pie. If you know the spirit of the greasebag, then you can imagine my immediate response. While I’m willing to work hard and deal with difficult situations in order to pull off something I love doing, there are core principals that I’m just not willing to bend on.

You can read the whole deal here.

Bummer to see bureaucrats tamp out something this good but I guess it's to be expected at some point. Good on you for doing it in the first place Grail, and good luck with whatever it turns into in the future.

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