I blew off the morning and did a little dialing on the dirt bike today. I don't know how the previous owner ever ran an air filter with the way the oil return line was routed, so I moved it up a couple inches. He probably had some neat, hand made air box or something because these old clamp-around the throat kind suck. I can't imagine this Wassell unit staying on in the dirt for long. We'll get to that eventually. Right now I'm just trying to get it good enough for a couple laps next weekend at the HOW shindig. Tearing into this thing reminds me of working on an old baja bug or something, all the custom stuff is stick welded, hacksawed and still hanging in there, I know not how. Enough safety wire and gorilla snot go a long way I guess. I'll eventually replace things like the oil tank hangers and exhaust mounts and rewire it all a little cleaner, but not today...

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Greaser Mike said...

I want to see photos like this, blanco nino!