New Lowbrow Site

Tyler and his brother Kyle over at Lowbrow seem to have more hours in their days than the rest of us mortals. These guys are constantly building bikes, designing parts, shooting how-to videos, and are known for stellar customer service, so they get real work done too. The latest project that Tyler has been burning the midnight oil on is the new Lowbrow Customs web site. The old one was fine but had been added on to so many times over the past few years that it was ready for a ground-up rebuild. They used our buds over at Rubbertree, the same web ninjas that helped us with the Biltwell redo late last year and are also responsible for Chop Cult. The end result? Easier for you to navigate and find what you are looking for and easier for Tyler to update, modify, etc. That way the Malinky Bros. can spend more time dicking off in the shop and less time fussing with computer nonsense. Good work dudes, and thanks for all the hard work!

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Clarke said...

Did an order on the new site already. Real smooth and easy. Well done.