Hoka Hey!

We got this pic and email from JJ Phipps recently. The Hoka Hey started a couple days ago, and looks like an insane challenge. Our buddy Big Ben is supposed to be on it too, and I can't wait to hear the stories. Good luck gents!

From JJ: "Here I am in Key West, Florida at the start of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge getting ready to ride 7000 plus miles to Homer, Alaska with only fourteen days to make it (June 20th - July 4th). No bagger for me, doing it on the Night Train. Myself, along with 999 other Harley-Davidson riders are competing for a $500,000.00 prize for first place. Second place gets a pat on the back and the sick feeling of almost winning half a million dollars. We are riding all back roads to Alaska, we have to sleep next to our bike every night - no hotels, and we will only be given the next leg of our route at each check point so none of us knows the entire route ahead of time. Win or lose this will be an adventure of a lifetime. Wish me luck."

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BCM said...

The Hoka Hey event was created by Jim Redcloud a lokota indian & motorcycle rider from South Dakota.
Hoak Hey, Meaning "it's a good day to die" was the call of the warriors who rode into battle with Crazy Horse at the Battle of Little Big Horn.

"We've turned the entire country into the biggest bunch of pansies on Earth" Redcloud said.
"I said, There's got to be a 1,000 real men out there who are up to the challenge."

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