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While on the Biltwell 500, several of us who had the luxury of bringing off road bikes in trailers or on trailer hitch set ups decided to head north to Rancho San Antonio Del Mar. The highlight of the trip was getting buzzed by a random dual engine airplane about 50 feet off the deck while we were bombing down the beach.

The low point was when we reached the end headed south and realized there was no passable way to get through without turning back. Jake from Bolts Action had borrowed McGoo's BMW. Unlimited torque was a bonus for him, but a feeble rear tire put him at a disadvantage in the loose and slippery rocks. We decided to turn around just in time as geography decided we'd had enough. Trying desperately not to high side into the incoming tide, I struggled with my venerable XR650L and it's weak rear tire. I buried it into the slick rocks over and over until I finally upshifted and second gear got me moving and on top again. For a minute there I thought I might have been walking out, but it all worked out fine. Jake somehow turned around and made it out unscathed.

I showed the guys a technical little trail down to a place we call "The Boot" 'cause of a cool rock formation that, you guessed it, looks like a boot. When the middle of nowhere isn't quite enough, The Boot is. It took just under 18 miles to get to RSADM, but about 50 to make it back since we took the long way and were lost about half the time. Thanks, Jake for sharing your pics.

I know some readers might be getting tired of the Baja posts, but we had so much fun down there I can't let it fade with a single "It was rad, we drank beer" blog post. We'll get back to outlaw choppers soon enough!

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motoguru. said...

2 stroke ktm + headlight = FUNNNN!