Actually Doing Something for Once

Well, after a great weekend out on the Gypsy Run, it feels like summer is officially over for me. That's it. No more traveling for this cat. Time to buckle down and get some stuff done. I picked up a bike from our good friend Joel months ago and tore into it at first. The idea was to just freshen up the cosmetics a little and move it out the door. One thing led to another and I'm just now starting to make some progress again. I ended up going way further than I originally planned, but whatever. Today I picked up a ton of parts from the polisher, dropped some more off for chrome, tins are at the painter and the freshly powdered frame is ready to go. Hopefully it'll be rolling (not running) by the end of the weekend. BFJosh stopped by tonight and we made up tailight mount version 2.0 for his sporty. I haven't ridden this machine yet, and kind of don't want to. I don't need one more bike to lust after, so I think I'll avoid it. He's got a few things to button up but it's rideable as is and looking good.

Speaking of the Gypsy Run... Check these sites for some great photos from the weekend: Hopper Mag and Knucklebuster Inc.

Forever Smores, Smores Forever.

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