Black Flag

Brad Walker sent us a pretty nice care package that included a whole bunch of cool bits and pieces from his tour in Afghanistan and his base in Ft. Rucker. This backwards black American flag caught my eye and here's what he told me it represented.
Those flags were issued to us in Afghanistan. They are black and tan or black and grey to blend in with our uniforms and they're IR (infrared) sensitive so they glow like crazy under IR light or under night vision goggles. So they're basically an easy way for us to identify each other with a quick glance. All US flags that we wear in the Army are backwards to give the effect that they're blowing in the wind and that the Army is always making progress and moving forward.

When I get done building my Sporty you can count on this being the first patch that goes on my leathers, Brad.


Jeremy said...

Head forward for Battle!!


Anonymous said...

This flag belongs to my hubby. Thanks for all that you do babe.

rustrocket84 said...

That's bad ass. My pop got his first tattoo done recently and we designed it with the flag backwards so it too had the moving forward appearance.

Rock on and I can never say enough thank yous for what you do.