Cleaned-Up America

Our friend Nick has been doing some gentle tweaks on his Triumph America, including a set of Biltwell Tracker bars. I especially like that Thruxton tank on there. Next on the list is fabbing up some mid controls for it.


Garrick Anson said...

That tank does look hot. Did it take any special fab to put it on? I ask because I am running a Speedmaster and wouldn't mind going the same route on mine.

Dan Born said...

Nice to see a BA once in awhile. I've had my 02 since 04 and it has given me 30,0000 trouble free miles. Best bike i've ever owned. To answer you question Garrick, i read about a guy on the Bonneville America forum that used a stock bonnie tank on his BA. From what i remember he had to do some "gentle massaging" with a hammer to the tunnel to make it wide enough to accept that beefy square frame tubing as well as cut off the origional gas tank "cups" on the frame. Seemed like a pretty simple mod that could be done with a hammer, a cutoff wheel and some simple fabrication to mount the new tank. hope that answers your question.

Garrick Anson said...

Thanks Dan. I'll have to try and find a used Bonnie tank to mock up on mine and see how far I want to take it.