The Heathen

Months ago our friend Steve Crandall over at FBM asked me to pitch in and help out with some new bicycle graphics for the 2011 FBM BMX bikes. They were looking for "chopper" inspired, paint-like stickers, something totally unlike the usual BMX kit. The bikes are finally in stock and I have to say I'm stoked with them. My favorite one (paint and graphic wise) is the purple Heathen. Our other friend Caleb's old 66 FLH the "Raped Grape" was the inspiration for this one. I wonder how many riders will even get the old custom paint connection or if they'll just think it's one more weird thing from FBM. Thanks, Steve for letting me be a part of it.


BCM said...

Very cool!

bordeaux4130 said...

One more reason why FBM are the Lords of Fun!

BFJosh said...

that green guillotine is pretty dope also