So, earlier today I'm having a tasty burger at the Rolling Stop in Lake Elsinore, just before heading up one of the most fun and dangerous highways in So Cal - Ortega Hwy. It's got lots of curves and isn't any more dangerous than a hundred other twisty roads. What makes it dangerous is all the weekend douchenuggets who ride up from behind the Orange Curtain, get a couple beers in their skull and then high-side the Credit Glide with tubby on the back. But I digress. While enjoying said burger I hear what sounds like a pissed of weed wacker coming from the south. A couple locals eating behind me start talking "I see this dude all the time... ...he must ride the shit out of it, he's got an extra gas can tied to the thing..." Finally I see what they are jabbering about. Seems this grown ass man rocks a chopped mini bike all over town, complete with Superman helmet. He's got style too, check the studded belt, open face lid, mountain bike shocks and a sweet sissy bar. More than just a looker, he's an outlaw too. Crossed over in the crosswalk, hit the bike lane going the wrong way, pinned the little sucker and took off down the road. Pretty fast too. Chop what ya' got!

On the other side of the hills the Van Creeps had their first Van In. Pretty much as many vans as one could fit into a parking lot that size. Awesome machines coming out of the woodwork for this deal, it was cool to see them all, check out the interiors, chat with a few old timers, friends, etc. Great day, great excuse for a ride. You can see some pics here.

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