Vegas icE Party 2010

I think someone left the "D" off the DicE party this year! Tyler from Lowbrow was looking for a good excuse to escape the cold back in Ohio and get some riding done, so we offered up a loaner Sporty and he and I took the long way to Vegas yesterday through Joshua Tree and the Mohave, weather be damned. We caught heavy rain 'til Indio then had it pretty nice up until about stateline where I ran out of gas and barely limped it in after leaning the FXR over and getting just enough go-juice to sputter into the gas station.

Dino's was walking distance from the Stratosphere and made a great place for the DicE shindig. Kyle from Lowbrow flew in and met us for dinner and the party. Good to see some old friends and have a few beers, but after that ride I shaded out of the gig about 10:30 and beelined it for bed. Riding in that wind and weather with a heavy backpack has me feeling like I hung onto the bottom of an airplane for the last two days...

We got a lazy start today about 10:30 or so and got hammered with cold rain for the first hour or so. It cleared up around stateline and then up the Halloran Pass there was actually fresh snow. This is nothing for those hardy cats from the SLC, but it was pretty damn cold for my So Cal bones! We caught some more rain and then took a break at Baker and warmed up. There we met up with a dude named Anthony who had just flown in the night before and bought a sporty in Vegas and was riding it home. He rode with us the most of the way and we made it home in record time. Probably 100 miles of splitting lanes combined. As cold as it was, hauling ass on a bike was way better than sitting in that traffic.

Hope you had fun Tyler, sorry 'bout the weather, and nice to meet you Anthony!

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