Nice Rack

This was Day One of warehouse rack building and stocking at the new joint. This is a multi-stage move. First we've got to get inventory consolidated and squared away, then we'll get Mike all moved in as soon as phones and internet are dialed. Then construction on a couple more interior offices, a meeting room and most importantly, the shop area and bar. Why didn't we build the bar first? Because we would never finish anything else, of course.

Today with the help of about a dozen friends and family members we built 30+ racks, got most of the existing inventory off the floor and emptied the two off-site storage units. Some day we'll be a real business and own a fork lift. For now, we have backs.

Tomorrow we tackle getting the inventory moved from the old shop and removing and rebuilding those old rack systems into a shipping area and shop divider walls. In the midst of this mayhem, all orders placed yesterday went out on time, so no worries there. I can't wait to dial in the new shipping area, it's going to feel pretty luxurious to not be tripping over each other.

Thanks to everyone who busted their asses today, we'll see you in the morning!

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