Epic Gift

Suckafree Mike D. dropped by today with big surprise. He's knows I love old junk and happen to be working on two Triumph projects at the moment so British twins are front of mind right now. This box is insane. It's huge, the lid and bins work fine. The water-slide decals and hand-lettered Jim Sawyer (anyoe heard of him?) with a 31x and 72z tell me this box has probably bounced around in a pickup truck on the way to more than one race. Looks like he may have been a local too what with the two Harry Foster Los Angeles Triumph/Ariel decals on there. It's so neat I briefly considered just putting it on a shelf but I just happened to have ruined my "go" box last year on a baja trip and I think this will make a fine replacement. Thanks Mike, this really made my day.

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