Building Progress

Everyone seems to be moving into new digs these days. Maybe things are looking up out there? We are finally making real progress on our building. What's ironic is that the permit process took months and the actual work took only days to be ready for the first inspection. Just goes to show the difference between how bureaucrats and tradesmen work. This is the first time we've ever done anything like this, totally legit with real architect's plans, permits and approvals, etc. and we couldn't have done it without Mike at Olde Towne Construction and his crew. These dudes have been patient and as soon as they had a green light, they've been on the job and highly motivated.

Our buddy Cimo busted out this giant piece for the front room. He made this maze of cubes in his front yard and two-car garage from scratch. The dude is a one-man-whirlwind of a carpenter, and I'm stoked to have been able to give him some work. Soon, we will get to the rest of the fun stuff, building out the bar etc, but for now we gotta finish up the bones...


Johnny Wolf said...

Ha! F-U-2
Looking forward to the Grand Opening Shin Dig Extravaganza.

Nick said...

Looking forward to this place opening it will be nice to have a real bike shop open in temec