Anvil Time

I've been looking for a real anvil for quite a while and either don't have the dough or can't find one. The ol' Blotto Mike D came by with this one after last week's LB Swap. Thanks Mike, this thing is pure rusty gold. Made in 1891.

Then, to make it even sweeter, our buddy J.D. carved up a couple brass money clips in the same exact shape. I know these took some time to make. I'm gonna be a baller now with a twenty wrapped around a wad of singles. Watch out, Daytona.

1 comment :

Gorgo said...

Metal on metal
It's what I crave
The louder the better
I'll turn in my grave

Metal on metal
Ears start to bleed
Cranking it up
Fulfilling my need

Metal on metal
Shakin the place
Blows back your hair
Caves in your face

Metal on metal
Feeling the grind
Up go the hammers
A victim to find