From the vault

 Street Chopper Party-Berdoo-Photo's by Penrod from the VC.


Dan Born said...

Are Diggers the new bobber?

arthur pogue said...

I really like to see choppers using other engines because my dad says that back in the 60's and the 70's he and who ever else he knew used what ever engine the could afford or what ever engine was the best and it was not Harley Davidson engines. He said it just didn't really matter. If you wanted to be in a MC all you had to have was a 750cc or bigger. I have a Harley EVO engine but I work with Yamaha XS650's I build nice looking choppers for $3,000. or Bobbers. There great beginners bike the engine never breaks down so they can focus on riding and not worring about engine cost parts things like that. So I think it's great that you took a picture of a nice chopper with a 900/1000 Kawasaki which is one bad ass engine by the way.