What is it with old CB750's around here lately? More progress on Sumo's Praying Mantis today. I made a trip out to Dennis' place and we went through timing and carb-syncing, neither of which I've done on one of these before. I always kind of thought it was voodoo, but like most mechanical things, once you've been shown, it's really not rocket science. Dennis is nearly 70 and much prefers stock predictability over "that custom stuff you crazy chopper guys dream up". Yeah, I hear you Dennis, it ain't always smart. In the end the Mantis won him over, and he had to throw a leg over and go around the block just to see what it felt like. He said something like "Wow, it rides way better than I thought. You know, this thing is actually pretty interesting, I bet we could really do it up right if you ever wanted to..."

He had another old roach in there and when I asked about it he said "Yeah, I guess it's a bobber. I liked it better when they called them rat bikes or just plain old pieces of crap." Well said, my friend. Thanks for letting me ugly up your shop this week with this crazy old Hard Head. Mexico, with fingers crossed, here we come.


Sweet Lily said...

Wow, fantastic!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

rustrocket84 said...

If it wasn't for the pictures and Dennis telling me that he rode it, I'd never believed it after meeting him and talking to him. Off to Dennis's house I go Monday morning early to get mine squared away.