My Arizona Bike Week

My friend Steve and I rode out to Arizona last week to do some riding with my brother before it gets crazy hot out there. It just so happened that Arizona Bike Week was going on as well...
 Camp wherever...I love Arizona for that!

 Pan in Tombstone
Needless to say we didn't make it to any of the "Events" but what we did get in was some amazing riding through some of the higher elevations of Arizona on great roads with almost no traffic. Highway 666 now renamed highway 191 (because everyone was stealing the 666 road signs) is epic to say the least! 1800 miles over 5 days and the only victim was one triumph battery. Can't wait to do it all again soon! Thanks Tim!


TheNormalHouse said...

Go Horses Go!!!

62 Ironhead said...

I hired a harley a few years ago in LA and rode it across to Miami so got to see a fair bit of the states.

I gotta say that of all the places I rode through Arizona was the best, some great rides and countryside.

And best of all no helmet laws.

SOAZ said...

Great trip. I'll throw some more pics up at www.soaztim.com soon,

Ministry of Speed said...

After riding on the east coast I have to say AZ is the best. Bummer about the Trump battery.