Endless Summer Tour 2011

There are so many events and shenanigans going on all over this year that there's no way we could possibly hit them all. But we've got friends who are going to be at events from coast to coast, so we figured we'd make a list to keep track. Then that list turned into the Summer Tour 2011. Then I realized we were going all the way into December so it became the Endless Summer Tour 2011...

Our buddy Craze over at Eternal Combustion bought himself a real live semi truck and is going to haul ass all around the country attending events big and small. So, if you see a giant white semi pulling into a grass-roots motorcycle gig near you, it's probably Craze, and he'll have Biltwell stuff as well as lots of other chopper goodness. Thanks to Walt over at Kickstart for covering the NYC area and Josh at Lowbrow Customs for doing most of the west coast events.


voch said...

word to the wise... unless you been a semi jockey for a while DO NOT take that shit into NYC.

Sleeper tractor
+ 53 foot trailer
+ Manhattan
= worst day of my life.


Craze! said...

Yeah, the trailer stays upstate at the campgrounds for that end of the trip for sure! The tractor gets to go cause some damage though!