Whiskey Throttles

When you give your bike too much gas and then panic and give it even more, the technical term for the maneuver is called "Whiskey Throttle". ie: "Son, I was hammering out of the last turn, hit that pothole and grabbed a handful of whiskey throttle... Whoo-Hoo!". Anyway, that's why we named this part what we did. It reminds us of our old friend Sully down in Texas who never calls anymore. 

Since we rode dirt bikes long before we ever got freedom machines, the cheap plastic throttle tubes have always been a let down. These are way more accurate and with an aluminum sleeve, you can change out rubber grips as often as you like. Also, note different size ferrules to match up with a variety of cables. We sell just the tube separately too, just in case you want to use your stock HD control pods. We'll have a full how-to and other info up on the site next week, but didn't want to keep folks waiting so we've added them to the store.

Right now we've only got two-cable style in stock, but will be doing a single cable version down the road. You can use this one with a single cable and just cap one hole with a short bolt. Also, the 7/8" grips slip over this metal sleeve and your 1" left-side bar pretty easily if you put a little spray mount, hair spray or other adhesive on there to lube it up. (Yes, we're still lame and out of proper 1" Kung Fu's)


Duane Ballard said...

These rule. I've used them on everything and have never had a problem super smooth.

jcda said...

They are beautiful
Can I use them with my mirrors bolted at the end of my handlebars ?

like here: http://goo.gl/xQ1qH

Ranmac said...

look nice.....ill get some..but will need to cut out end for bar end mirror..but very nice

Bill said...

If you drilled out or shaved off the end, yes.