Team Building

Anyone who knows us here at Biltwell, knows we aren't some band of biker outlaws. We're just nerd workaholics with a bad motorcycle problem. Once in a while, we do cut out of work early and have some fun though. This afternoon was one of those days. A friend of mine turned me onto a legal BLM shooting area about a half hour away from the shop, something that is pretty hard to find in So Cal these days, and I much prefer it to shooting at an indoor range. So, we loaded up and took off for an afternoon of pokin' holes and wasting brass. Our buddy Blotto Mike is over in Italy living the good life for a week or so, but before he split I grabbed a pic of his terrorist-looking mug. It made for a perfect modified target. Another buddy of ours, we'll call him J-Love, has an impressive arsenal so we linked up with him for an extra dose of fun. My boy Flynn and his buddy Michael have been busting ass over the summer as extra warehouse labor, so we thought getting a chance to throw some rounds down range on full-auto would be a nice reward. Mike D.'s got more experience dove hunting than tactical shooting so this was a first for him too. Team building, you know? J-Love showed up with the goods and we had a blast, literally. I got to break in my new Stoeger side-by-side and confirm my love and devotion to my 1911. I usually try to shoot organic targets, it's just more fun and it doesn't add to the junk pile at shooting areas. Today we brought a half dozen watermelons and a couple pineapples to sacrifice to the cause. We also brought a warranty Hustler helmet that had some weird peeling in the finish, and tested it for your protection. Verdict? Birdshot from about 25 meters doesn't penetrate. Isn't that nice to know? 9mm, .223, .357, 38 special and 45ACP, well, not so much. Blotto, have fun in Italy, you missed one of the good days!


Huber said...

Nice. Biltwell Night Vision Shoot soon!

Harold McGruther said...

Aliens on the mothership LOVE this photo set!

Hermit said...

The serenity of silent gunplay uplifts the tortured human spirit, and is a soothing balm for the soul.