The Salt Ghost

Last night was a blast. The whole Lowbrow crew flew out for the west coast premier of the new DVD "The Salt Ghost". It's refreshing to see something as soulful as Wes White and Tyler Malinky resurrecting an old race bike and taking it out to the salt to test the machine and themselves. I saw some of this while it was in production but this was the first time to see it in the final form. Wes' smooth southern style on the voiceovers would make Bruce Brown proud and it's cool to see some dudes you just consider your normal old friends up there on a half dozen TV screens all famous like. You can pick up a copy of the DVD here, and word has it there are some limited-edition prints of the premier poster somewhere. Wes and both Malinky brothers are getting ready to head out to Bonneville again here real soon and hopefully they'll come home with some new records.

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Anonymous said...

The Salt Ghost Triumph was from Big D cycle in Dallas I believe. Could be mistaken.