The Vanpires!

I've had my fair share of  vans over the years playing in bands. The best being a 1970 GMC ambulance that we bought from the Thunder Hill race track in northern California for $400. I opened up the back of that thing to find a bloody gurney and you really don't wanna know what else. We always wanted a nice new van so that we knew we would actually make it to the shows but punk rock never payed that well unless you were in the Offspring or Green Day. I miss all of my vans. This whole resurgence of the van scene has tempted me more than a few times but I always back out. I have a big enough problem with falling in love with bikes at this point. That being said my brother Tim turned me on to this great van blog. Check it HERE!   Get out and Van or RIDE this weekend. Should be a nice one just about everywhere.

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