Introducing the New Sanderson Foot Pegs

After nearly a year of development and thousands of miles of test riding, we've got these babies in stock and ready to go. Now guys with later model bikes that have a female clevis mount (which requires male pegs) can enjoy some classic style. The pegs rotate on the mount so you can index them into any position. This is really handy if you have forwards or rear sets or anything else where you want to be able to adjust your foot position. Unlike the old classic they are inspired by, these are not pot metal, they are investment-cast Stainless Steel with a Chromoly pivot/mount. I've put mine through a lot and they've never loosened up and that cast and polished body doesn't show a bit of wear. Also available in Johnny Cash's favorite color for you murderers out there.


Rob said...

Love that box Bill... Pegs rock too!


antihero1972 said...

yes finally. These are so rad guys..