Road south of Puertocitas?

Any recent Baja travelers know how much more of the road to Gonzaga Bay has been paved south of Puertocitas? Any intel on whether the new Pemex there is up and running? Hit us up in comments on the blog, on the facebook page, or email bill@biltwellinc.com

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SOAZ said...

It's sort of old info from January, but it sounds like it might still go to dirt at Okies landing.


"Doug Magee sends this report from Rancho Grande at Bahia San Luis Gonzaga ( 3 January 2011):

(see their website at http://www.papafernandez.com/)

It should be noted that the road drops off drastically at the end of the new pavement (Okies Landing) and in doing so is dangerous for all vehicles traveling at high speed. From there south to Gonzaga, the road is rough and very rocky in some spots. Our travel time from the end of the Paved road to Papa's was 1 hour for the 17 miles.

The Rancho Grande Pemex station is operating but is closed on Wednesday.
Rancho Grande now has a excellent fulltime Restaurant. open from 8 AM to 8 PM . They have a full line of supplies even Ice cream. The road south to Highway 1 at Laguna Chapala is s also rough and rocky. No improvements have be made in the last year, and along with the Baja 1000 traffic it just keeps getting rougher. Travel time from San Felipe to Rancho Grande is approximately 2.5 Hours in a high clearance Vehicle."