Dynamic Duo

We got a visit from our favorite girl on girl fighters yesterday. These broads will kick your chopper ass. They rode over from behind the Orange Curtain and did some bar hoppin' on that shady, oil-leaking old Honda with a milk crate. Pure style!


Anonymous said...

Yeah these Girlz rock ! Nice pic ;)
The Honda XL 500 with the big front wheel is so nice. The challenger of the XT 500.
One of my work collegue got one and let me have fun on the parking with it LOL !!!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Colleen kicks ass! She's part of the AnacHONDAS!!!!! I need a pair of matching goggles now. :o)

Unknown said...

check out what i did to my ole '80 xl500... for only about $600 bucks and a "few" hours with a welder and some swap meet parts... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGls5yQTN7Y