Two Motos One Hippy

 As the 2012 Freak Out draws nearer, I find myself getting more and more spaced out on earthly delights.
So in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint, I have decided to sell off BOTH of my personal motos and go surfing with the wizard!
Take your pick
TFL IV is going for $8,765.43
Ferris Bueller is going for $9,999.99
Both motos are fresh and ready to hit the streets.
Click the links for more info on each moto.


MikeD said...

If you still ride the same amount, your carbon foot print stays the same. Just Sayin. XOXO

Rob said...

Then they both got to go!

TIM said...

Losing sleep over the darkie...

motoguru. said...

I look forward to your Brammo Inertia build video!

MikeD said...


motoguru. said...