Chris 61 Pan progress

Well its almost done. I got it fired up and running but alittle rough for sure. Not a daily driver yet it still needs some attention and fine tuning. Things that were done were changed out heads, carbs, new valves and guides etc. . ., primary back to chain, rebuilt tranny (Thanks Bob at Temecula Motorcycle Repair!) and some clutch plates and maybe a few other things that are slipping my mind right now. The paint job on the tank is courtesy of Mitch Maciel and I'm stoked on it. http://www.pinheadlounge.com/portfolio.php?artistid=mas. The rest of the bike is rattle can clear to slow down the rusting.I do have a fender coming but I guess I can still ride without it til it shows up. Is that illegal here in CA, does anyone know? I'll post more pics later when its running better. Hey Bob, lil help.?!

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