McGoo's progression

I wanted to write up something and show the progression of what McGoo has done to get a bike up and running for his most current ride. (Soon to be finished.)

He started out I think with a tire or grips that gave him the notion of building this current bike. I believe it was tires at a trade show just about a year ago. He found a stock sporty to yank the engine out of on craigslist last summer. Called up Jason at FlyRite and ordered a frame around the same time. I believe the tires he must have picked up first thing though. He scoured swaps, boards, ebay you name it finding everything from fork parts, calipers, mtb shocks and is now in the final stretch of getting his latest creation done. Long time super artist friend of McGoo's, Andy Jenkins is putting the final touches on the paint and then its final assembly!!! Stay tuned to see the finished project or show up on the EDR and ride along with us.

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