Helltown Assault

I did a sweet six months of infantry patrols from a little Forward Operating Base called Kalsu in Iraq, in 2004. Wonderful place if you like mortars, MRE's and high temps. This was the spot where the seeds for the EDR and Biltwell were sown. Sitting out behind the hooch smoking and reading The Horse, I'd email McGoo back home every time I had a chance and we started cooking up plans and ideas for a parts company and a mexico trip. Him building his first bike and me dreaming of San Felipe.

Anyway, I got an order from a fella in Iraq the other day for some gloves. He liked the looks of ours and thought they'd make a decent light weight shooting glove and if they last well enough he can ride his shovel with 'em when he gets home. Ironically he wanted them shipped to old FOB Kalsu. Of course upon seeing this, I struck up an email conversation and he's got his gloves. In return he sent me some pics of Biltwell stickers plastered on his truck and the Kalsu PX. It's funny enough to me that the place is safe enough to sport a post exchange now, but even better to see a Biltwell sticker smacked on it now. Full circle...

I look forward to meeting Mike and his buddy Dirty D if they can make it back in time for the Bash. Thanks for the pics Mike, keep your dick up and your head down.


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