I think the DN-01 might stand for Do Not Own 1.

Yesterday we cruised around the show at the Long Beach Convention Center and looked mostly at motards and dual sport bikes. The stripped Road King chassis was cool to look at in the HD booth, and Moto Guzzi had a couple of kinda neat bikes, but for the most part there wasn't much of interest.

Then we saw this bike in the Honda booth. Whoa, looks like a wacky giant version of an old Ness Digger if it wrecked into a Honda Accord. Weird, but intriging. We couldn't figure out what it was really made for. The name Crossover and the low seat height have to mean it's meant for begginers, but it looks so odd I'm not sure a newby would consider it over a regular old motorcycle. Well, if it's ugly, at least it's cheap and fast right? Well, after getting home and doing a little research it seems to be neither. Starting at $14,599 it damn sure ain't cheap and with a 680cc motor hooked to an auto trans lugging all that bodywork around, it can't be fast.

I googled around for reviews and found this one. Our assumptions seem pretty accurate according to Jane the tester. Good luck with it, Honda.

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