Long Day!

Whew. Getting up at 0400 to go to the Long Beach swap is always a chore, but totally worth it. I sold enough old take-off stuff to fund some other parts, plus we did pretty well hocking helmets, seat brackets and bars to make it totally worth going to the last one of the year.

Wes is a Free Spirit!

Street Legal CR500 anyone?
While much of the styling is questionable, you can not deny how much of a riot this two-stroke single would be!

We also ran over to the Long Beach Convention Center for the International Motorcycle Show. Mostly new bikes, but a few old ones and customs too. For whatever economic depression we may be in, there were plenty of people doing demo rides and gawking at the new bikes and parts.

Willy's new trike comes complete with colostomy bag routing holes!

Vintage dirt bike shows a simple brake pedal solution.

About time motorcycle companies started marketing the gas mileage. Some smaller dual sports were in the 90's!

Driving all over So Cal is a little easier with these prices!

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