More Mooneyes Pics

These are some of my favorites from the show and here is a link to more pics. Too many to post here so Bill created a photo set online for easier viewing. It was my first time to this show but not my last! Just roaming the parking lot was pretty cool getting to see the bikes and talk to some of the guys on them or atleast try. My Japanese is lacking to say the least! Don't have to say much though look at the pics and you get the idea. Very cool scene and Japan is a great place to visit if ya get the chance! These are some teasers of whats on the link.




I Can't Shut Up About Japan!!!

I got to meet Chicara and see this bike. He had a K model on the cover of Vibes last year with all kinds of crazy linkage and just a bare metal no paint bike I was hoping to see but whatever this one is amazing too! If you want craftsmanship and using old parts in different ways like this front end Chicara's stuff is nothing short of amazing! I rarely take photos with guys I admire it just feels weird to me but I couldn't pass this one up. Thanks Chicara!