Davey Jones Called...

...and he wants his Beezers back!

SS Thistlegorm, sunk in WWII off BFE.



Master builders from Hank Young to Paul Yaffe have commissioned Duane Ballard to build seats for their creations. Last fall we asked Duane to participate in an R&D experiment with early prototypes of our solo seat. As he always does, Duane followed his muse through unimagined territory to craft this ghoulish tour de force. The Frankenseat did some time on my Smokin' Gun, but my our friend Kim liked it so much, he asked if we'd let him display it in his pristine garage. Anyone who has seen Kim's garage knows why we were flattered by the prospect, and Duane's whimsical Biltwell seat hangs in Kim's garage among many other fine examples of "motomobilia."


At a recent meeting with him in Cincinnati a few weeks ago, Duane expressed interest in developing a line of "production custom" leather Biltwell solo seats. Such a line would really round out our current offerings of black and white vinyl. Duane's looking at ways to streamline his handcrafting process to keep the price for these new seats reasonable, and he's already begun noodling with stitching patterns, tanning and designs.


We'll keep you posted on Duane's project as it develops. In the mean time, feel free to contact Duane directly if you want one of his full custom seats. Duane uses our solo pans to build custom seats for his customers, and as you can see, his work is stellar.

Thanks for sharing the love...


Seat Crafter Special

Our Biltwell solo seat gained rapid popularity among leatherworkers and saddle crafters from coast to coast. That's due in no small part to the enthusiasm and support master craftsmen like Xian, Duane Ballard, Rich Phillips and others showed our rugged and stylish pan during the infant stages of its development.

Now those pans are available in a raw state with matching molded foam for DIY builders and garage-shop leathersmiths who practice this valued art.


In much the same manner as we tried to give helmet painters a jump start in that cottage industry, we are proud to offer the Biltwell Seat Crafters package to leatherworkers and journeymen stitchers.

To qualify for this program, all you need to do is send an email to chris@Biltwellinc.com. The initial buy-in for the starter package of six raw pans with foam is priced to offer fair margins on the finished product without stepping on the toes of our dedicated wholesalers and retailers.

Our goal is to help up-and-coming seat crafters get into the business. By doing so, we'll score some love in eBay stores and local swap meets—a classic symbiotic relationship if ever there was one.


We currently offer finished vinyl-covered solo seats in two colors and two different stitch patterns, so we're hoping you leather men out there will gravitate to this program.


Please email us for pricing and delivery information. Thanks in advance for all your support.

Biltwell Bikes

We've got a discreet Bikes section on this site that features our bikes and some of our friends. Most of ours have been sold or changed substantially since we last updated the site. We'd love to get some customer bikes in there, so if you have any decent pics of your bike using our parts, send me a brief description at bill @ revcreative.net and a photo or two and we'll add them to the collection. Here's what I'm working on lately. In the background you can see Chris' much more interesting panhead morphing into the latest incarnation...


Tom makes Cooool Stuff!

Wes had a booth with Tom at Mooneyes in Japan last December. Check out what Tom does with his company Fork below.


Rolls Royce Meteor V12

This guy's a nut, starts a Rolls Royce Meteor in his garage with no
exhaust. Fuckin Rad!!!!

Biltwell Open House and EDR Kickoff Party...

Last year we hosted an El Diablo Run pre-party and open house at Biltwell HQ. We're doing the same thing this April 16, but Hard Hats Sports Bar is doing the catering...

From 4:00 p.m. till whenever on Wednesday, April 16th there will be free chili dogs and Dennis Hopper's favorite brew while supplies last...

When the free grub and grog runs out, the sex pots at Hard Hats have promised us the bar will stay open as long as there are thirsty bikers to entertain. Even if you're not going on the EDR this April, you're invited to witness the spectacle at Biltwell HQ. We're anticipating nearly 100 riders for our little get together, so it should be good.

Built to Ride...

The Blue Falcon

Pure style.

Brian Foster rules.



This is my pick for Bike of the Day. Striper Ryzart in NJ rocking the Pollock pride with a Kawasaki 440 something-or-other. Lots to like about this bike. Photos poached from the jockey journal.



Was a Blast

a rare shot from in front of Mike!!!

Sharing the Love

Sweet hook-ups are a staple in the action sports industries. Every cool BMX and skate company sponsors up-and-coming riders with free shit. It's a way to spread the word about their brand, and it improves the quality of the local scene.

BMX lifer and Midwest Cobra Scott Towne is one such brother. As you can see, Scott takes care of his friends in low places even if those friends don't have anything to do with BMX. Yes, that's a Four Aces Cycle sticker on the port side of Scott's FBM, and a Biltwell "deck-uhl" as they say in Great Britain on starboard. Scott rides a chopped CB550 in the Heartland when weather permits. When it doesn't, he rides his BMX bike at indoor parks in southern Michigan and northern Indiana. Scott is, as we like to say, "dual and silk." We wouldn't be surprised if there are some BMX stickers on his motorcycle. Thanks for sharing the love, Scott. Your Biltwell care package is on its way...



I kind of imagine it to be like this


Paul's Chopper Boutique

Our Dutch brother-in-arms Paul "The Coach" DeJong of Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands is the second European distributor to climb aboard the Biltwell bandwagon. Paul's Boutique is a hardcore BMX and motocross boutique that Paul is diversifying into the chopper scene. The eclectic product mix is no accident: Paul personifies the new-school chopper dude like no one we know. He is a BMX pioneer in the Benelux and a hardcore enthusiast of dirt-bike riding and GP MX. When he's not grooming the same BMX trails he and his brother Bart built over 25 years ago, he's raising hell on his own custom-built Ironhead sporty. In short, Paul kicks ass. If you live in Europe and you're buying Biltwell products from the USA, STOP! Paul's Boutique and W&W in Germany both carry the complete range of Biltwell products.

Here's some recent photos of Paul's build. He's sending those KTM forks off to a MX suspension guru this week to shorten them nine inches or so. The Biltwell solo seat looks good on its new steed. Paul is still on the fence about which way to go with his tank: Frisco or lowboy. If you have any opinion on the matter, visit Paul's website


Why we get out of bed in the morning...

A customer and friend and fellow Jockey Journalist sent this PM to Bill last week. I've deleted his handle and real name to save him from any embarrassment such kind words might cause. From everyone at Biltwell, thanks for your support.

I just wanted to write you a little note about your products. In the past few months, I have bought a helmet, a set of bars, a seat, and a seat bracket.

All four of these items have far exceeded my expectations. The prices are very reasonable for a damn good product. None of your stuff will ever be confused with cheap Taiwan Ted crap that most places sell.

I wish you much success in the business. Nothing makes me happier nowdays than to see a mom and pop business thrive by offering good quality and service.


Megalo Maniacs

Holy streamlined swingarms! Front wheel drive, full suspension Killinger and Freund Motorcycle, circa 1935 or so.

One-Eyed Monster

Point of purchase display by Tyler at Lowbrow...

I can't wait!


Only in LA!

Just what you've always wanted...


Vintage Motocross Pics

These are Amazing! Our great friend Kim sent me a link to these vintage motocross pics shot by Lee Sutton and they speak for themselves. Here are just a few but there is plenty more.

"In the early '70s, Lee Sutton was an amateur motocross racer and avid photographer living in California. Flash forward to 2007: While unpacking after a move, he discovered a hoard of his old photos. Lee uploaded them to Flickr, and since then fans and racers featured in the shots have been writing in with their own memories. It's a personal, touching remembrance of a bygone racing era."


Hells Yeah Dooood!

Check them out some Rad bikes!

Wrench Monkees



Sideburns? No it's not about facial hair...

Build it Yer Damn Self


Spanish? Magazine and NYC

We ran into Luis Macias from CUSTOM MACHINES last august in Brooklyn at the Bar Matchless. They have a great vintage style show every summer put on by them and Works Engineering. Luis talked Bill and I into putting our bikes in the show for fun and he took some pics afterwards. Well I guess his great photo skills helped my bike get into a magazine over the pond that is coming out right now. Thanks Luis!


More Striped Helmets

Check These out from Charlie the Nomad and Jr. Huff (Bo Huff's boy).
Here is where to go to get them and lots of others.


I don't know what they're sayin', but I like those bikes and I'm stoked there's a big fat Biltwell sticker on ol' number 76...