Debunked Down South

First... A Buell XB running a belt can and will make the trip, no matter what the road conditions are or aren't.
Safe travels Brian!
Second... Dough-nuts can be found at the beach, who said they couldn't?
Thanks Flynn for letting me "break in" your new quad!


Game Changer!

Our Friend Alex Peck spotted this beauty today in Northern California. I really am speechless... With all the hype over fairings these days this guy has dropped the hammer on all of us! Made from cardboard probably for weight/speed purposes I'd imagine. Bonneville racer or meth head dreamer, we may never know! We salute you outlaw!


Garage Sale Weekend 2012

Thanks to everyone for coming out. We're gonna go ahead and make this an annual deal. Great way to spend a Saturday morning. We stacked it deep and sold it cheap, and had a good time doing it. Big thanks to Wahoo's Fish Tacos for the good eats.