Bomber Jacket

Lots of neat old Bomber jackets with some great folk art on this LINK   ENJOY!


I'm gonna challenge Duane Ballard to an arm wrestling competition in 2012

Thank you Jen.
Duane has talent for days but still hates pants... I just don't get it. Check it HERE

Coming Event: Parking Lot Sale and Sidewalk Social

The time: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Place: Biltwell HQ, 25839 Jefferson Ave., Murrieta, CA

The Plan: 20%–75% off scratch and dent helmets, handlebars, accessories and apparel

The Perks: Wahoo's catering truck will be here noon till 2 serving affordable, delicious chow (first 75 tacos are on the house!) • free stickers • free beer

Ride your motorcycle out and plan to make it a day. There are few better ways to burn off holiday cabin fever than with a motorcycle ride and parking lot social with bro's.


Merry Christmas

We all hope you get something cool like a little monkey for Christmas.



In the next month or two, you'll see a whole new Biltwell website. As we've added to the product line this year it's been a struggle to keep the site up to date so we are going to implement a simpler set up that will make it easier for customers to navigate and easier for us to keep current. Probably the biggest change will be getting rid of the blog. I've been doing it since 2006 and frankly I'm just kinda sick of it. Been that way for a while but luckily I have some friends like Huber who graciously donate thier time to keeping it going.

There are two ways to make sure you stay in the loop on new products, news and events: The Newsletter Email and Facebook. Sign up for the newsletter and we'll email you about twice a month with updates and if you "like" us on Facebook you'll see our news in your feed.

You can sign up for our newsletter HERE and you can find us on Facebook HERE. Thanks to everyone who's been reading this blog, I hope you can make the jump as we move on to easier, more organized and more interactive communication.



Hi Bond Modified

Rico has the answers to your questions about dating and motorcycles.

Vantastic Monday

Not only does Craig make nice stuff, he's got seriously Vantastic graphics!


EDR DVD Ready to Ship

Finally! The EDR DVD is done and ready to ship. You can buy one here.
Just in time for Christmas, order one this weekend and Lowbrow will have it in the mail on Monday.


Mann Pics

Here's a few of my faves from last weekend.

Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker.

Sweet ass.

Grant juice.

OG Dutch painted pan.

Even the screw heads line up. Best in show for good reason.

Old-Stf builds Nice-Stf.

You said it dude.

Moldy goodness.

Technicolor yawn.



Tobism's attack sporto.



They just look sooo right! Since I lived in Chico, CA for years I have to check out Chico Moto.

This Weekend / Carlsbad, CA


Sunday Morning Comin' Down...

Quick clip from yesterday.

Vantastic Monday

Thanks to Brant for sending in this one, snapped near Detroit and lookin' a little chilly. Get bent!


Hustlers in Megaflake Have Arrived

Cobalt Blue, Gang Green,and Wine Red Hustlers have arrived just in time for last minute holiday shoppers. In stock and ready to ship.


Cycle Source Survey Results 2011

Last year we won with the novelty lids, and this year with the DOT-approved Hustlers. Thanks to everyone who voted, we really appreciate it! Wait til' you see what we have in store for next year...


Anaheim Duo Glide in 1965

Thanks for the picture Rich!

Goodbye Lil' Buddy

Bikes come and go, but this one was a lot of fun. At least it's staying in the family and I kept the gas tank. Thanks Terry!


New Mule in the Stable: Acme Bonneville Chopper

McGoo here. I lost my sign-in info for the blog, so I'm pigging off Bill's feed this week. I probably beat this dead horse on Facebook and ChopCult enough already, but I'm sharing it here because this thing has me tickled pink. I'm talking about the Bonnevile chopper our friend Wayne at Acme Choppers sold me this fall.

This machine didn't require many tweaks (few Acme bikes ever do.) I swapped the seat for one of our tuck-and-roll Slimline solo units, turned down the billet alloy throttle grip on the lathe to make an alloy sleeve for a pair of Kung Fu grips, and shortened the exhaust can 6 inches. Throw on a pair of Sanderson pegs and BAM! instant modern Brit chopper.

This brings my personal stable of motorcycles to four, none of which I rode more than 3,000 combined miles in the last year. I'm determined to change that sad stat in 2012, and this bike will lead the charge until I can finish the SpartanKiller.

Thanks, Wayne at Acme for giving me such a sweet deal on this really fun machine.


Man Cave Stuff

Just what every man cave needs: a Biltwell tin sign. At approximately 2' wide x 20" tall, it's just the right size for the back of your man door, unless that's where your dart board is already hanging, in which case you can put it any damn place you please. Mike D. is adding these to the online store as I write this, and they cost less than the pocket change your old lady has stashed in the cookie jar.  Treat yourself to something cool this holiday season.


Redneck Ringtoss

I rode to my friend Caleb's place the other day. He and JD are always up to something interesting. Of particular note on this visit was the new addition of what Caleb calls Redneck Ringtoss. It's pretty basic - a 2" brass ring, tied to some thin line and a hook stuck in the wall. You stand back and let it fly with a gentle arc. It's a pisser until you get the hang of it, and I seem to need to relearn every day. You have to adjust the string just right when you first set it up, but it's really easy. The higher the ceiling, the longer the distance to the hook. Definitely not something that increases productivity around here. It's a fun drinking game, you can do it one-handed and unlike horseshoes or darts, you don't even have to walk over to the target, the ring just comes back when you miss. Thanks for the lessons dudes!