No levitating over your motorcycle? I don't know what it means but Crandall stepped in fresh dog poo to shoot it. Thanks, Steve.

On the Rag

We've been wanting to do some printed shop rags for well over a year, but never could get a good source for them. I was shooting the shit with Andy over at American Icon screenprinting the other day and he said he was into it. Andy you might remember, sent in the great description and photos of his forward controls mounting job on the bike he's building in his basement. We often get requests for our sources for things like screen printing, so here's a good one! Andy and the boys know what they are doing and offer a wide range of silk screening services. They did a smokin' job on these and printed them with bleach so there is no ink texture to the graphic, which would make a good rag useless.

Rob over at AI liked the design so much he made some desktop backgrounds for us. Thanks, Dude! If you want to download them, just select one of these and then right click to save:




Our Thruxton riding pal Andy Jenkins did some of the artwork on these rags last year for us and is also responsible for the face plant.

How do you get one? Well, we can't very well charge for a shop rag, no matter how cool it is. So, we'll just throw 'em in a few random orders here and there and make sure our active shops each get a decent little bundle. We only printed a couple hundred, so they'll be a limited edition sort of thing if you are lucky enough to end up with one.



What Next?

The last time I rode motorcycles (dirt bikes) with Ken Block he said "Hey, you know the rules, no passing the client!" We were helping out DC with some design work, so he was the client. I wish I could have passed his ass, but Ken pretty much rips and he was just saying that to be nice. Fast forward five years or so and what is Ken up to? Among other things, jumping $150k rally cars down ski slopes. WTF does this have to do with outlaw choppers? I don't know, but it's cool and Ken, you are a bad ass! Hope the back heals up quick.

V Twin Expo this weekend!

We will be backpacking it and shooting around the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo show this weekend so if you are a dealer or distributor and want to meet up shoot me an e-mail at chris@biltwellinc.com with your booth # or contact info.

or see ya at the Bar!!!


Pinstripe Crazy!!!

Shawn contacted us not too long ago and picked up some helmets. He is a striping robot machine maniac!!! What a great job, they speak for themselves. For helmets already done Check him out below and pick one up.
Shawn's Helmets



Bike of the Day. I can't remember where I poached this photo, but I am covet this machine.


New ways to get Biltwell stuff

We've been adding dealers and distributors at a pretty rapid pace these days. We'll update the Where to Buy as quickly as possible to help point you in the right direction. Good news for European buyers, W&W as well as our buddy Paul "The Coach" DeJong at Paul's Boutique are stockist now. Not everything has made it into their catalogs and websites yet, but it's worth a call to them before you pay high shipping prices from the USA. In the US, we've all bought something or another from J&P over the years and know what a slick operation they are. No helmets there but most hard parts are in stock. Also check out Tyler's site Lowbrow Customs. He's been hocking cool t-shirts and merch around the midwest and on the internet for a while now and just added the helmets to his line. Thanks Tyler and everyone else!


A Good Read

Road journals rule. If you haven't read many, you should start. If you haven't written one, you should. I love Old School with a "K" but some times we all need to stop measuring cuffs and just enjoy riding motorcycles. This dude rides a lot. And writes well. And is quite crafty with dry wall screw and compasses that only point West and zip ties... All on a shitbox, spray-bombed Honda and he's worthy of our respect. Recognize.


Support your local pinner

About time someone started hocking these on eBay with some custom hand-laid lines!

Back in Black

El Cheapo should see some progress this weekend. Temecula Valley Powdercoating rules for putting up with my lack of patience and getting these out just before quittin' time on Friday.


After a recent ass-chewing from a customer about us not doing a good enough job hocking softgoods we figured it was time to drag them out of the rafters and let people know they are for sale. We've been just selling at swaps and such but at this rate we'll shirts until 2011! You can find them on the UNIT1 store and don't forget to check out the low-budget Grab Bag shirts.



More Lids from Paul in Texas

Check out Paul from Austin kickin' ass on more helmets. This one lasted about 5 hours on the Jockey Journal before it sold. You can check it out there and shoot him a PM if you are interested in getting something done. If you are a pin striper or painter and would like to buy in larger quantities for a substantial discount, holla at us kid! We have deals for you.

Paul's (Chopper) Boutique

European and jet-setting international BMXers have been shopping at Paul's Boutique in Holland for years. If you're a hard-core motocross, BMX or freestyle fan, Paul DeJong's well-stocked shop in Aarle-Rixtel is a must-see destination. And now, our friend Paul is jumping into the chopper scene. Paul's always been a motorcycle guy, so it was just a matter of time until our good friend and official leader of the Hardcore Drinking Team became a BIltwell wholesaler and retailer! Paul's first shipment of Biltwell parts, helmets and accessories is due to arrive at his store in mid-February. If you love choppers and you live in the Benelux, give Paul DeJong a call. Click here for more information.

Paul's been plugging away on his Ironhead for months. The big yearly chopper hoedown in Holland is an event called the Liberator, and Paul swears he and his mechanic Philip DeJong will have the XL sorted out in no time.

Don't let the license plate fool you--Paul's bike is far from legal. When you own and operate the most famous bike shop in Holland, you can get away with murder.


Engine Cases

Took my lower end down to Ken at Moreland Choppers in Solana Beach. He split the cases this morning and its not too bad. Some weird stuff but nothing too major. Ken has been doing this a long time and knows what too look for and why. Weld up some strange stuff from previous stroker build, true the flywheels, new bearings etc. . .Not doing anything cool too it, just make it solid and stock stuff. Daily driver kinda thing not light to light, although it does have an andrews F cam in it so thats fun. Maybe 3 weeks til its back in one piece and then shake down for a month til EDR.


Chrome Will Get Ya Home

as Darryl used to say. I just hope its true. I had some stuff chromed for my bike at Bush over in Garden Grove this past week. The chroming came out great! Fredo is gonna cover the pan I cut up. The sissy bar I made up not long ago and the pipes are the same ones I have been running for awhile now. Its looking different which is always fun!

Four Aces Harley?

Is Wes White secretly working for HD?


EDR Pre Run, Pot Holes and BMX Dirt!!!

Bill, Hal, Joel and I went on a pre run this weekend to check in with hotel guys and just keep up on whats going on down there. What can I say if you have been there you understand if not then you just gotta go. . .Its Mexico and thats always an adventure!

You gotta try and leave your mark there cause it will definitely leave its mark on you. Uh hmm hmm right!?!

Check out the EDR site for all the current updates on everything from roads to hotels etc. . .

We ran across these in Ensenada and if you're into BMX these ruled. Someone needs to get down here and shoot some great shots Keith!!!

Biltwell sponsored these and a few other potholes for ya, no thanks necessary they are everywhere so there is plenty for all to be had or had by.


Flyrite Choppers 2008 Scorcher Frame

Sorry for poaching these photos off the JJ2, but we want to let everyone know that all 2008 Flyrite Chopper frames now feature our Biltwell seat hinge with weld-on pivot as stock equipment for 2008. You can see our ventilated nose pivot welded to the top tube of FRC's sweet new Scorcher frame. Thanks to Jason and Whitneye for showing so much faith and support for Biltwell products.


Some Great friends of ours Dawn Rosa Cole did a shoot with Kara Lenae and Angelina Zamora the other day and here is a preview. Thanks to all who helped you girls are the Raddest!!!


From Walter at Kick Start, Thanks Dooood!!!


I got this from Wes maybe a year and a half ago at the El Camino Swap.


Long Beach

It was 70 degrees and clear skies. The Long beach swap is always a good day. Bill we all agreed had a great ride home I'm sure. I drove the truck and hauled everyones scraps. Yuriko sold her take offs and her bike should be up in about a month with special Thanks to Aki (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, sorry). Joel made a small amount of coin, and I spent more than enough for all of us. Oscar lost a bet but picked up some new tires so all wasn't lost. Wes picked up lunch and he is now all our best friend. Jeff still has the coolest quiver of bikes (48 Pan, a 45 and a 74 flathead and a bitchin Triumph).Thanks to everyone that came by and said hi and hung out with us. Here is a pic of what I brought home.

(Bill, poaching Chris' blog here... Long Beach was cool. Unloaded stuff, only bought a little this time. Yes, the ride home was great. Simply perfect weather. Even the ride to LBC was nice, if a little chilly. It's always cool to blast the freeways at 4:00 AM on a Sunday morning and see what they look like with no one else on them for a change! Thanks for lunch, Wes! Swapmeet happiness for me means, selling a bunch of stuff I don't need right now and even giving stuff away, and finding a lens that perfectly fit my old OG Sparto for a dollar. Six bucks in gas to find a one dollar tailight lens so I didn't have to try and make one. Pure swapmeet gold I tell ya! I made it back in time to finish shaping the seat foam on El Cheapo, shave the fork slider I bought this morning, and make more progress on the pipes. Even had time to sell a helmet to Bryan from Temecula and get a couple Newcastles in my head down at the Hat. Good day all around! PS: Oscar and Joel are fighting for Biltwell volunteer employee of the year already...)


Swappin' and Choppin'

We'll be there with a few helmets and a bunch of take-off junk. See ya' bright and early.


New Stickers

Designed up the next batch of stickers today. Should have these in about 45 days or so.

Cro's El Gran Sancho For Sale

Or atleast most everything but the engine. Here is a link with plenty of Pics. Cro builds some Rad bikes and here is and cheap way to get a great bike just add powerplant!
Bike Pics

Nicholas New Exhaust

Nicholas Robinson out in Youngsville took our kit and made these for his bike. You gotta love a clean line style like this, Rad job!


Lids are in!

Whew! We've finally got Open Face NOVELTY helmets back in stock. Check out these two new colors, Orange Flake ($114) and Flat Black ($77).

You guys who have been waiting months for Rootbeer are in luck, 'cause we've got a bunch now. Dealers, give us a day or two to get the inventory sorted. Consumers, hit the your local shop and request one, or hit up any of our shops listed in the Where to Buy section.

More on El Cheapo

A thought occurred to me today that El Cheapo probably isn't a good name for a bike that costs 5k. Considering tons of good XS650s and other great bikes can be had way cheaper. But, El Reasonably Affordable didn't sound too hot and five large for a trip-worthy, pretty modern HD doesn't sound out of wack when you compare it to a lot of stuff out there. At any rate, in about two weeks I'll be bouncing off the ceiling of that budget and about to start putting this thing back together. To make up some of it, I sold the fork to McGoo for his Hondabobbertracker project and I'm taking some of the leftovers to the Long Beach Swapmeet this Sunday to try and recoup a few beans. Tonight, some progress was had. I shaved one fork leg and ran out of flapper discs, so I tore the stock seat apart to see what the pan looked like. Totally useable, just needs some trimming. Also started in on the Biltwell Do It Your Damn Self Pipe Kit. Man, jigsaw puzzles were never this fun. I got the front pipe all cut tonight but will wait until tomorrow to tack it when I can borrow another set of hands (thanks, Chris). Because I don't want to take over this blog with my mediocre skills and ramblings, I started a Flickr photoset, so if you are REALLY bored and want to see what progress (or failures) I've made, you can check that out.

In other news, my friend Todd has finally finished a year-long project that proves craftsmanship is not dead.

Actually his carpenter neighbor proved it, Todd just bought the beer and hung out watching his magic. The end result is a wooden surfboard, albeit made from a kit, that is nothing short of art. Todd plans on hanging it in the living room (I"m lobbying for a special spotlight) and is scared to ride it. I think he has to get at least one session on this thing before it gets reduced to furniture, but man, I feel him, it is gorgeous and would be a shame to get a schnackle in it. You can see construction photos here, and the guys who provide the kit have a site with more to drool over here. What does this have to do with outlaw choppers? WGAF, these things are bitchin!


A New Breed?

We've been preaching for a couple years now that there is a new motorcycle enthusiast emerging as many of the last generation move on to golfing, die from ass-cancer or run out of easy credit. This new dude wants to have fun riding and making motorcycles, not play dress up and flex his wallet on the weekend.

Meet our friend Steve Crandall from New York. He helped organize a road trip on bikes and with a bio-diesel short bus from NY to North Carolina last week and I kind of think he is the vanguard of this next gen biker. Yes, the trip was in January, not exactly warm.

Among other things, Crandall runs a ruling BMX company called FBM. Fat Bald Men. Fire Beer Mayhem. Whatever, it's cool, they make their own stuff, and now they are getting into motorcycles. Mix up some serious bike-handling skills, fabrication knowledge and punk rock and I think this is what you get.

Crandall sent me a couple updates while they were on the trip and it sounds like they had a blast riding in the cold and shredding the gnar. Enjoy the photos. We are thinking about licensing the 55 gallon drum side hack to make as a Biltwell product...

Thanks for sharing, Steve.