The Salt Ghost

Last night was a blast. The whole Lowbrow crew flew out for the west coast premier of the new DVD "The Salt Ghost". It's refreshing to see something as soulful as Wes White and Tyler Malinky resurrecting an old race bike and taking it out to the salt to test the machine and themselves. I saw some of this while it was in production but this was the first time to see it in the final form. Wes' smooth southern style on the voiceovers would make Bruce Brown proud and it's cool to see some dudes you just consider your normal old friends up there on a half dozen TV screens all famous like. You can pick up a copy of the DVD here, and word has it there are some limited-edition prints of the premier poster somewhere. Wes and both Malinky brothers are getting ready to head out to Bonneville again here real soon and hopefully they'll come home with some new records.


And the winner is...

The winner of Mike's helmet from the Facebook contest is Maggus Grimm from Germany. Thanks to everyone who participated. Lowbrow kicked our ass but we had some fun with it and we will be knee-deep in buying them dinner and drinks by the time this blog publishes. Maggus, shoot me an email with your t-shirt size and shipping address and we will get your new lid out Monday.


This Seat's Bananas

We've gotten quite a few inquiries about fitting the Banana seat on other bikes, from Jap bikes, to Triumphs and Dynas. The simple answer is "no". This pan is made to fit the rails of a '86-'03 Sportster perfectly. Of course, you can buy the pan and foam combo and maybe carve that up and customize it to fit, then recover it, but it won't be a direct bolt-on. Here's the dimensions if it helps figure things out.

Anyone got any more pics of their bike with the Banana mounted up? If so, please post them on our facebook wall so we can check them out!

Day One Video

A little video of day one from last week's trip.


Good Saturday Comin' Up

Party plan:

Start your day off right at Spitfire for the Street Chopper issue release shindig.

Then take a little ride.

Watch Tyler & Wes race the Salt Ghost at Bonneville and have a drink or six.


Why Bother?

Why bother with cranky motorcycles, sleeping in the dirt, annoying tourists and insane traffic? For the moments of clean air and fun curves like this one. This is CA HWY 1. Choked with tourists in rented mini vans even on a weekday. The nice thing about some of the construction along the way is that it made everyone stop and of course we went to the front of the line to ride car-free for a while.

Camp Randoms

 Colorado rules!
Hey there's no blogging in the woods...

Back to Work

We made it back home yesterday afternoon. A little sunburned, mosquito bitten and monkey butted, but stoked.  I'll upload some more pics later in the week. For now, here's a full double rainbow and a super lucky shot.


Another Dirtmoto Bronanzer

Sean a.k.a "Teen Wolf" drove 8 hours to ride for one day up here in Colorado
Well it turned out to be the heaviest day on the trails to date
Big diggers and bigger off course mistakes lead to a very memorable day
Wizard chasing and dirtmotos with a new lifer buddy
Moose Knuckle!
Sean also runs Grim Cycle Salvage
So if you are in need of a part for your metric shomper-bobber, two wheeled, freedom machine check him out!

Biltwell NorCal Chopper Holiday: The McGoo Chronicles

A more thorough account of all the radness that occurred on last week's Biltwell NorCal Chopper Holiday will undoubtedly circulate when Bill and Mike return from the second half of our adventure. In the mean time, please enjoy these pics from my abbreviated four-day leg of the ride.

0600 07.21.11 at Biltwell HQ. That's BF Josh and his super-dope Sportster 1200SS 15 minutes before its tranny locked up at 85 on the 215 North. Luckily our friend Matt was following us in Josh's E-350, so we loaded the bike with plans to repair it on the road…

The man with the plan: Bill and his FXR were locked and loaded for this adventure. All I had to do was hop on his wheel and enjoy the 90+ mph ride.

We hooked up with our friend XS Eric and his lovely lady friend Whitney in Adelanto, CA, off the 395. Ooops—better make that CB Eric. Our faithful friend's 750 freedom machine ran flawlessly during my two days with him on the highway.

Jason Ball is another constant companion on many SoCal motorcycle adventures, and this trip was no exception. Jason was waiting for us at the Pilot gas station on 395 North just as planned, and he was the first guy to get pulled over by cops. Luckily, Jason escaped with just a warning. Thanks officer!

Bishop Choppers is a one-man affair off the 395 North in the mountain town that gives the funky shop its name. We stopped by to kill time while Mike D's cousin Eric fixed a flat on his Sportster 150 miles further back at Victorville H-D. Eric, Mike D and the chase van caught up with us by Mammoth, and our posse pinned it to Lake Lundy for camping in the high country.

This was Eric's first motorcycle adventure, but it won't be his last. Mike D's cousin is a self-contained man of action, and he brought a quiver of survival knives and camping gear to prove it.

CB Eric and Whitney, enjoying sunshine and period correct thrift store apparel in Tuolomne Meadows on the 120 West.

Tuolomne Meadows, Yosemite National Forest

After enjoying a Kodak moment in Yosemite National Park on day two, our band of outlaws beat the heat with a brisk dip in the lake. Mike D shoots the Sex Panther while Billdozer and CB Eric ponder the majesty of it all.

(L to R) Mike D, Whitney, BF Josh, CB Eric, Bill

Even outlaws need to relax

China Camp, CA, off the 120 West was where we topped off fuel and said goodbye to Whitney and CB Eric for the time being. Eric and his old lady visited Whitney's grandparents in Copperopolis, but rejoined our crew at the KOA Kampground in Petaluma, CA in Marin county later that evening.

Petaluma KOA was by far the best corporate-style outdoor adventure any of us had ever experienced. Our bay area brother Scotty and ten friends and acquaintances rolled in around midnight. We treated our guests to screw top wine, high-dollar s'mores and Newcastle beer.

Ask Scotty about his bobber. I dare you…

Bill and Scotty talk bobbers and choppers in advance of my Saturday morning departure.

Jason and Mike D regale chase truck driver Matt Frick with a recap of the previous night's debauchery. How our friend could sleep through the arrival of ten choppers at midnight was a mystery to everyone.

Fast, reliable and easy to start: that's my BMX G650 X-Challenge. From sea level to 9,995 feet, this fuel-injected water-cooled single served me faithfully, even during 90+ MPH pulls up steep mountain grades. Fun as it was to ride my enduro bike, I can't wait to start working on the SpartanKiller again. Hey Wompy—are you ready to machine my foot controls?

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Bill's excellent adventure.

-- McGoo


Collection X

A new exhibit opened up last month at HD's museum in Milwaukee called collection X.  It basically showcases some concepts that were built but never mass produced. I've seen some of the ice boats before but this pic of above of these American legion guys getting ready for a parade is genius! Can you imagine how dangerous this thing would be at your next party! Get up on the horse McGoo, we're going for a ride.
Check it out

Today in Long Beach

Clean Clean Clean pan. Busy day at the swap meet today.

I will dream about this one

Old outboards have the best lines.

Terry's Triumph!

Will's Knuckle.  


The Vanpires!

I've had my fair share of  vans over the years playing in bands. The best being a 1970 GMC ambulance that we bought from the Thunder Hill race track in northern California for $400. I opened up the back of that thing to find a bloody gurney and you really don't wanna know what else. We always wanted a nice new van so that we knew we would actually make it to the shows but punk rock never payed that well unless you were in the Offspring or Green Day. I miss all of my vans. This whole resurgence of the van scene has tempted me more than a few times but I always back out. I have a big enough problem with falling in love with bikes at this point. That being said my brother Tim turned me on to this great van blog. Check it HERE!   Get out and Van or RIDE this weekend. Should be a nice one just about everywhere.


Back in the day

This is me on my old triumph...yeah, I was pretty rad back then...wait, what?

The Filth & The Photos

Support the arts!

$100 or less


Workin' for the Weekend

Everybody's doin' it...

Frank Kaisler

I recently did a little three-part series of "Flashback" stories on Frank Kaisler over on Chop Cult. Frank could fill a book, or a collection of books with his stories and his photo albums are chock full o' chopper goodness. Frank is not just some old rambler sitting on the porch, he still rides and works on his bikes as well as plenty of friend's and customer's bikes too. Our friends Tyler and Wes just released some tune and service videos for Ironheads and Shovelheads with Frank, and man, his patient, scholarly confidence shines through and you can tell that this is a guy who knows what he's talking about and has explained it before. You can read a few words and see a bunch of pics here:

Frank Kaisler 1 of 3

Frank Kaisler 2 of 3

Frank Kaisler 3 of 3

The videos are available here: Ironhead  /  Shovelhead


Black In Stock

We've been out of three key items for a while now, but are stocked up now.