Almost Done

Jonah from Indy is just about done with his Ironhead. He built it from the ground up with a Santee hard tail, swap parts, stuff from Lowbrow and used our 4130 Seat Hinge and Four Aces exhaust tips.



It is on, and you are invited. Whether you are going on the trip or not, come down and have some grub and a beer and check out the new digs.

Wednesday May 4th, 2011, 3-6:00PM. 25839 Jefferson Ave. Murrieta, CA 92562


Atom at Beer Breed is putting on these cool overnighters. I missed the last one but am going to hit this one for sure. Good excuse to ride your motorcycle and tell lies and pass the bottle around.


Vantastic Monday

Josh's Murder Van is for sale. 318 w/auto trans. These are slightly old pics, but it's about the same now, just different stickers and whatnot. It could use some love, but it's a runner and has got the stance and rumble nailed. $2500 and it's yours. He upgraded to a more modern kit.

Hit him up: josh@lowbrowcustoms.com


Help for Japan

It is safe to say one thing about the whole motorcycle community, we like to rally around causes and pitch in when we have a chance. I don't know if it is the whole paying it forward thing, or if it is just kind of prewired into most people who are drawn to bikes in the first place or if it is the DIY mentality that machines beat into you given enough time. Take the recent disaster in Japan. There are a multitude of ways to help out, but three of our friends have risen up with their own volunteer ideas to generate some Yen. Take your pick.

Shawn at Imperial House is selling these limited edition, signed prints with all of the proceeds going to two different funds. Check it here.

Walter and the boys at Kickstart Cycle teamed up with Shinya for this t-shirt and all money collected goes straight to the American Red Cross. Details here.

Dan Collins at Victory Tattoo and Old Gold Garage has a page set up through Just Giving and you can actually watch the money roll in.

Do what you can. Even if you can't give, you can help by spreading the word via Facebook, blogs, etc.



I am winning a knucklehead June 25th! Please don't think you have a chance. It's mine. Thank you.


Kundratic Swap

New Banner

We made a new big ol' banner for shows and whatnot. It's just a pile of old sticker art, etc. I had to hide a couple easter eggs in there...


Party Time

Apache Attack

Our favorite helicopter pilot out of Ft Rucker, Brad Walker, knows how to vanquish the enemy. With a mean Disco Gold megaflake and Biltwell signage in the window, the insurgents won't be able to do anything but cough up Osama. Those super fly guns and missiles will probably help too.

Blue Devil

The Diablo Azul is looking sweet with some new Low Drag bars!


Custom Chrome Show

Just a couple neat details from last weekend's Custom Chrome show up in San Jose.


Circle City

 I recently moved up to Orange and needed to find a new place to get a haircut. The Hippie look has never worked for me and it's always been a hassle to find someone that can actually give you a good haircut. A friend mentioned Circle City so I went to check it out a few months back and needless to say, this place is the SHIT! Eric Webb and Phil Hernandez opened up the shop and are both mental for motorcycles and rock N roll. Perfect! Not to mention the most important fact...you can get a great haircut here!
 Circle City is at 111 N. Olive Street just off Chapman near the circle. Eric's in the middle of building a Pan and has some crazy parts piling up. Can't wait to see what he does. Stop by and get cut!

Shawn IS the Wild Thunder

Canada Shawn stopped by this morning on his way south. He's gonna disappear into Mexico for a few weeks. Mainland first, Copper Canyon and then eventually a ferry across to La Paz and up the Baja. I asked him what his first stop for the night was going to be and he said "Yep!" Now, that's my kind of plan. We loaded him up on some fresh riding gear and sent him on his way. Godspeed friend, see you soon.

Knuckle Shuffle

Our friend Rodeo from S&S is putting on a good thing to help Kevin "Teach" Baas and the Kennedy High Chopper Class. This is a good way to have some fun and pitch in at the same time. Here's the basics, but you can get more details on the Knuckle Shuffle website.

The purpose of this ride is to raise money for the Kennedy High School Chopper Class.  Every year Kevin “Teach” Baas reaches out to the motorcycle industry to help support his class.  This ride is dedicated to him and his class to ease the burden and keep the chopper class alive!  Please Join us for this ride and enjoy some of the coolest scooters around.  All bikes are welcome, of course we are dedicating this ride to the vintage iron and keeping history alive!  Just remember this is an old school ride, pack your sleeping bag, pack your tent and prepare for a fun weekend. So come join us!

There will be two routes one leaving from The Ole Piper Inn, Lakeville, MN and the other from The Shed 2776 S 34st Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Both rides will converge on Yuba, Wisconsin.  We will  converge on the Full Throttle Bar, where we will have a street party, bands, burnouts and fun.  Sunday a Plant tour of S&S Cycle. in Viola, WI will be available for those who registered.


Vantastic Monday

Van Go. Because it's art. I almost cried when I missed the GNRS and found out this was there.
Respect the CHURCH.


Custom Chrome Dealer Show

We're up in Santa Clara for the Custom Chrome Dealer Show. If you are a CC dealer stop on by and say hello. There's a bike show too and I'll grab some snaps from that today. Tomorrow is open to the public.


All tomorrow's parties

Do you know what a "Shrimp Boat Captain" is? Ewww gross!
Dice Magazine is to motorcycles what Barely Legal is to Pervs...and I mean that in a good way! Get to this party and ride your bike! Then ride your skateboard!

Dixie Shindig Comin' Up

April 1st
105-B Linden Ave
Long Beach, CA 90804

Butt Pee?

Luckily I was deployed for most of the time that the whole TV biker show thing went nuts. I came home from Iraq and was helping McGoo put his first bike together, and him and our friend Sully were imitating Jesse's voice while we were doing it. I didn't get it, but I figured it out afterward. My wife had a magazine, People, I think. JJ was the world's hottest dude or something, so I read it to see what it was all about. I remember a question, something like "What are you going to do when it all caves in?" His response was "Fuck it man, I'm a welder. I can always find a job if the whole thing shits the bed".  Maybe that wasn't the exact words, but that was the point and I thought it was cool. Now one can jump to all kinds of judgements regarding personal lives and everything else, but who's qualified to talk shit? I've always chosen to be an amateur participant rather than a professional fan no matter what the endeavor, so I'll leave those kind of comments up to other self-proclaimed experts. He's got a new blog that is unfiltered and is worth reading. His rant on riding like an asshole and learning to read "Car English™" is spot on, as is the one on "Internet Bikers". Both are true and I'm as guilty of both for sure. If I had his address I'd send him one of our Internet Outlaw stickers...


Arizona Run

I'm riding out to Arizona with a few buddies at the end of this month and just found out about this campout going on out there the same weekend. It's riding season in Arizona so get out there!

Mock Up

My new swanky office has chalkboard paint on one wall so it's bound to turn into a giant to-do list. First on the agenda? Get some momentum on the Triumph project! So, I mocked it up. At least I've got the wheels done, nothing can really start without that. I think I'm gonna make it a long bike tomorrow...

H&B Cycles, Ocala, FLA

All that remains from the last customer that pissed Richard off...

Knuck, Knuck, who's there? Flatty, of course...

Half a rotten scooter that looks like it was found in a swamp mixed in with OE springers,
WW2 BMW, old dirt bikes and plenty of usable take-off parts.
With a little extra time to kill, we headed to Ocala Sunday night. Along the way we hit a bitchin' natural spring at a campground for a relaxing dip. Super neat, would have loved to camped there for a while. Monday we got up and followed a tip from Caleb, and headed over to H&B Cycles. Richard was nice enough to let us crawl around the shop and check stuff out. There's more in the "museum" but we'll cover that later.

More shovels than Home Depot. Yes, for sale.
I had a conversation with one of the rugrats there, he must have been about six. He told me he doesn't much care for choppers, mostly preferred FXR's like his daddy rides. Smart kid. Him and the other shop rat fetched wrenches while an old Ironhead was going back together and they had a funny argument over US-made dirt bikes. "KTM's are made in 'merica" one said. "No they ain't! Those are from Australia!" the other one corrected. Close enough, Jr. Close enough. They finally got an old quad running and tore ass around the back yard behind the shop like a couple a Huck Finns while McGoo snuck in on the tour of the museum and Mike and I dug around checking out bikes and parts. It was a fine site.

If you get near Ocala, stop by and check it out. Thanks for the tip Caleb, you were right.

FXR, anyone? These are all for sale.