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Sweet Leathers

Willis to McGoo, "McGoo, your Blue Steel is magnificent in that Elektra apron."

More Eye Candy from Blue Moon

Jaymes at BMK kills it again.


Water Under the Bridge

So the road to the beach that we'll be taking on the Biltwell 500 was so muddy last weekend that we couldn't get in without a swamp buggy. According to a friend of mine that lives down there, this little river you see here is about 300 meters wide now. It's probably 20 meters wide in this grab. With all the rain over the past couple weeks, the arroyo has swollen up like my knee after Cincinatti. We couldn't get close enough to see it for ourselves but I'll go down and check it out in a couple weeks after things dry out for a while. We'll probably pitch in with some other gringos down there and rebuild the road. If that doesn't work out, there are a couple other ways to get through. Either way it'll be an adventure, so make sure you are ready. It ain't for everyone!

Just Sayin'


Gasser Lounge

Check it out this weekend.
Most bike nights suck.
This one looks like it has plenty of potential.

Lane Splitters Tees

If you share a common disdain for the MoCo as we do, express your feelings and treat yourself to a Lane Splitters tee.


This Saturday at Gasoline.


Headin' South

We had a great visit with our friend for the Great White North today, Shawn Britton. He's on his way to park his truck in San Dog, then hit the road into mainland Mexico, eventually catching a ferry across to Baja and working his way back up. Yes, that's an old garage-built Honda CB450, and yes, he's going solo. We hope to see him again, with a little better tan and a big bucket full of new road stories in early April some time. The tool kit he brings is unconventional and heavy, but very effective. Shawn is a rare character and his trips are inspirational to say the least.

Godspeed, Amigo!

Frisco Swap

Brian sends these pics of his Sporty with some new Friscos. These Gen2 bars are a little shorter which allows you to install them easier. All Brian needed was a new front brake line. Here's what he had to say: It realy was very easy. "This is my first bike and I had no idea what I was doing. If I had not internally wired them it would have taken an hour. I trimmed about an inch or so off the ends."


History For Sale

Our good riding buddy Chris is selling his Triumph of Burbank chopper. There is some neat backstory on this particular bike, ask Chris for the scoop. Ironically, a road test from 1972 appeared on Chop Cult this morning if you want to read about the origins of these dealer-built "production choppers".

Not So Vantastic Monday

Picked the wrong weekend for a baja trip.


Flat Track 101

My brother from another mother, Greaser Mike has a new flat tracker:
Trackmaster framed 1973 Triumph 750. Some of the go fast goodies include:
Trackmaster flat track frame
Balanced and lightened crank assembly
Ceriani Fork w/ Betor trees
Redline primary
ARD Magneto Cover w/Joe Hunt Mag
Harmon & Collins race cams
Black diamond valves
High compression pistons
Excell alloy wheels with quick change rear
Mikuni Carburetors w/ K&N filters
Vortex Bars
Grimeca brake

Mike was kind enough to start a thread introducing Flat Track here. Make sure to check page six of this thread for Mike's embedded flat track videos from VBS. These guys create some great stuff, from exposés on North Korea, to the Salton Sea, and even motorcycle trips through Baja, so it's cool to see some American racing from their perspective. Thanks, GM!


Bringing a Tear to Billdozer's Eye

Auch do liebe! Those teutonic tank/bikes of WWII sure look smart in their Gestapo livery and all-conditions weather cladding. Is it real? I'm not sure. Is it real fun? Of course. Everyone knows the Germans are famous for their whimsical nature, right?

Born Free Show

New flier. Hardly any sponsors! Tell a friend.


Words of Wisdom

Good quotes pulled from Andy's page: BendPress

New Garage

The New Garage Mag site is up. Say what you want, I like it.


Just in time for Spring!

It was 80 degrees here today so I'm glad it is still cold in most of the rest of the country. Our timing may not be great on these hoods, but the quality sure is. With the Sherpa fleece-lined interiors, they're warm and toasty, perfect for throwing under your leather when it's really cold. There is a subtle logo stitched across the chest, nothing flashy or fancy here. Thanks to Iron Thread for the high zoot embroidery. $60.


Spindle and crew at Boneshakers are building a right skinny one across the pond.


Sat Night Date?

Denver Digger FS in AL

Nick of the Haints fame scored a nice gennie shovel the other day and really just wants the moving parts. You know you've been looking for a Denver's frame and fork and some other good bits, so hit him up.


Words of Wisdom

From Hell's Kitchen, today.
Your not gud spellers, but I like the concept.

California Screamin' 5


Crack a Cold One

Ignition Cover.
Thanks to cheapskatecycles for the pic

Biltwell 500 Video Update

Here's a cheesy helmet cam edit showing the ride down to the beach in Rancho San Antonio Del Mar where we are hosting the first annual Biltwell 500. You can get more details here: Biltwell500.

Please note: The sand is pretty thick at first, for about 100 yards. It's totally doable once you are down on the beach but getting down there (and even worse getting back up!) it's not going to be easy on the wrong bike. If you have an open belt primary, it's gonna pack up with sand and snap. If you are on something like a Triumph with a regular enclosed primary and a chain final drive, you'll be fine. It might take a couple guys pushing to get you back up through the deep stuff, but you should be OK. You don't have to take your bike down into the sand, you can camp on the bluff on hard packed dirt. I'm making a big deal out of this because we want everyone to know what they are getting into, and it's not for everyone. If you doubt your bike or your skills, please stay home. The less, the merrier! Girlfriends in 4x4 chase trucks are encouraged. As stated on the 500 page, we're not providing food and drink (maybe a little, but don't count on it) so be prepared to take care of yourself.

Lastly, I poached the song on this video from our friend JD King, please buy his music so he doesn't get pissed at me for using it without asking!

Vantastic Monday

Where are they all now? Rotting in some tweaker's back yard, I'd guess. Thanks to Duane for this shot.


Third Ryke

My buddy Eric Ryke is one of my favorite guys to ride with. His shovel is seriously fast and since he's a motocrosser he's got bike handling skills, so he's impossible to drop. He recently swapped out his old Friscos for some new Chumps. I'm diggin' em, Eric. Thanks for the pics, now let's go ride!


Ridin' the Wild Thunder

Perfect day for a ride. Spring's comin'! Sorry for all you dudes stuck in the snow and crappy weather. I rode out to Palm Springs with Elsinore Tim this morning, had a great time, roads are SO good on that route. FXR was flawless, digging the new dual disc and fork brace set up.

Parties are fine, hand made uber blah blah blah's are neat, innerwebs yadayada, this riding stuff is my favorite by far.

Ain't No Joke

Check this CB750 built by our bros over at Joker Machine. Sweet details, including our Clubman Bars. These guys build high quality stuff so it's an honor to see them run our parts.

Nice Combo

Tracker bars and Solo Seat on Steffen's Ironhead.


Danish Pan

Cay Broendum over in Denmark sent us this pic of his Pan. Great bike brother.

Happy Larouchentines

Party with the unicorns and rainbows tomorrow!
Note the venue change.


DIY Creativity

KC Elkins shot us these pics of his take on the DIY pipe kit. That carbon fiber White Bros. can is a pretty unique touch. We'd love to hear how that sounds.

New Hoods

Check these new ultra-lightweight unisex hoodies, they're nice and thin for maximum comfort. Fitted body (but not a Slim-Fit) with contrast zipper tape and cool details like a MP3 player pocket with headphone grommet and thumbholes to keep your sleeves up while you are riding the wild thunder. S-XL only this round. Navy blue heather only. Super dope outlaw style in something other than black? WTF!