Paul de Jong's XL 1000 Project

We just got an update e-mail from a Great friend of ours "The Coach" Paul de Jong of Pauls Boutique
in The Netherlands. He is putting together a . . .well read he sent! Looks Great Paul, have fun!

Philip the Builder is ready to weld a new frame for the XL project but he need to find the switch of the
new Mig weldingmachine first.

Rear fender is almost ready, it will be short with selfmade fenderstruts of a HD Frontfender running over
the fender instead of under. Paint is off now and metal will be smooth by Philips hammer next time.

Taillight will be a original HD sportster one which will be cut out for white light for the licence plate later.

Just got the UNIVERSAL Clutchlever and Hot start button in da house so we work on that in the coming
weeks, the Hot start button will be the Choke lever....if that's gonna work but Philip says: YES WE CAN!

Bought nice flip switches for the headlight and nice and clean start button, more details later.

Fork is a bit later than I expected cause my CNC-guy is riding the Paris-Dakar Rally as a mechanic so he
will be back from Hell next week.

We will keep you informed about the project, tips & tricks are welcome but not needed with a
wrench guy like Philip......


Philip & Paul de Jong
"Universal XL 1000"


Playing with handlebars

A friend of ours Jason rides his CB 500 down on weekends and we all consumed beer, burned meat, worked on bikes and watched supercross. We put a set of the clubmans on Jasons bike and I have been runnin the Frisco's for a couple weeks and love them more and more! We took a few pics so people could see what they look like on bikes. Oh yeah me and Hal went to the Easyrider Pomona deal too so I'll post some pics from that later.

And then sunday night while were drinking more beer my bike got totally disassembled, what the hell is that all about!!!


First Prototype Biltwell Solo Seat Pans

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Today we received eight preproduction steel blanks of our highly anticipated Biltwell solo seat pan. The carriage bolts aren't installed, but every other aspect of these first samples is spot-on: perfect curvature fore and aft, exceptionally well detailed logo and corugated ribs, perfectly located mounting points, and that oh-so-durable matte black electroplated finish.

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Here's a detail view of our brand-new seat hinge and frame pivot installed on the raw pan. Note how the Allen pivot bolt is blind; no exposed threads and no unsightly head sticking out. Bill's inspired design is really clean. Expect an MSRP of around $44 when this product hits our warehouse next month.

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Side view of the first working seat pan prototype installed on McGoo's Smokin' Gun dry buildin progress.

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This rear view shows the curvature of the Biltwell solo seat pan in pretty good detail.

We're sending some raw pans to several top leather crafters to have them work their magic. When these showpieces are finished we'll post photos in future ads and of course on this website. Stay tuned...