Apocalypse Now

Crazy weather tonight lead to a wild sunset. Had to shoot a couple pics of it. No photoshop here, everything was lit with liquid gold. Weird.


Spindle's got his skinny ass sporty all wrapped up! 

Black Flag

Brad Walker sent us a pretty nice care package that included a whole bunch of cool bits and pieces from his tour in Afghanistan and his base in Ft. Rucker. This backwards black American flag caught my eye and here's what he told me it represented.
Those flags were issued to us in Afghanistan. They are black and tan or black and grey to blend in with our uniforms and they're IR (infrared) sensitive so they glow like crazy under IR light or under night vision goggles. So they're basically an easy way for us to identify each other with a quick glance. All US flags that we wear in the Army are backwards to give the effect that they're blowing in the wind and that the Army is always making progress and moving forward.

When I get done building my Sporty you can count on this being the first patch that goes on my leathers, Brad.


This weekend!


Picture Perfect Panhead

Garage Co.?

ACME Triumph For Sale

Our friend Wayne over at ACME choppers has his sweet Triumph T100 chop up on eGay. I don't think I've seen a cleaner 500cc trump ever, this thing is just nuts. Good luck dude!


Skin to Win!

Check the FOTS blog for a chance to win a sparkly new bubblegum pink lid. Put that girl to work, son! While you are there, check out the entire Freak Out the Squares store.


The Assasin...

Triumphs ain't really my thing but this one must've been built by a ruling ruler who rules cuz this bike ruled El Camino...Survivor!

Vantastic Monday

Chuck knows what's up.


The Wuss Ride

Check out the organized ride Alan and Kit are putting together for the Slab City Riot 2. If you wanna come out and meet up with everyone the night before in Temecula, we'll be hosting some sort of pre-party, or since the ride starts late enough, you can just roll out and meet up with these guys at Temecula's finest five-star breakfast joint, the Swing Inn. All the details are on their blog: http://thewussride.blogspot.com/


Stolen Bike Alert

This just in from Shawn: 
It's true. Bike is safe and sound at home. Thanks to eveyone for the positive vibes.
I'm happy beyond belief. They caught the kid who did it too sounds like he'll get charged but according to the cop, he's been in trouble before and likely again. So it goes.

Thanks again for spreading the word.

Our favorite Canadian went and got his crusty little motorcycle stolen. This isn't your everyday machine, so keep an eye out for it...

15 Minute Helmet Refresh

Thanks to Scott for sending us this sequence of action photos. Shows how he refurbed his old lid in under 15 minutes using one of our replacement helmet liners.


Couple more from El Co Swap...

Rubbertree/Lowbrow Customs Whisky Bar

For the Slab City Riot 2 we are encouraging any sponsors who feel like doing something special to make it something that benefits the riders. The fine folks at Rubbertree and Lowbrow Customs decided they are going to build, bring and stock a full-on Whisky bar. We're talking several hundred bucks worth of Whisky at no cost to riders. Can't beat a deal like that. Once the devil's elixir runs dry I have a feeling the bar might just end up in the fire pit.

If you don't know who Rubbertree is, it's the guys who helped us build out this website last year and are our partners in Chop Cult. When it comes to modern online stores, social networking solutions, you name it, these guys bring it hard. Biltwell's own Mike D. is one of the founders of Rubbertree and special his life partner is Jon the Internet Ninja. These guys don't have much to gain by sponsoring the riot or donating a bunch of liquor, so it just shows you that they are into having a good time, all the time.

Lowbrow probably needs no introduction, but if you haven't seen their site in a while check it out. Tyler and crew over in Hinkley, Ohio are role-models for Taking Care of Business 101. Thanks for sponsoring the event and the Whisky Bar Lowbrow!


Kickstart Cycle, New Jersey

Captian Snuggles.

Our New Jersey brother from another mother Walt just brought in some partners (Pete and Steve) so he's got some help with the whole Kickstart Cycles enterprise. They busted ass at the Brooklyn Invitational this past weekend and have a super slick web store up and running now. These dudes are nuts, so to prove that they are offering free shipping for a limited time so if you want to save some beans, this would be a good place to look.
Pete & Steve = solid dudes. Welcome aboard!

El Camino Swap

Once a year, more Brit bikes than Longo, a few different vendors, too. NOS Wassell fenders made it all worth it


Ma Deuce Paint Kicks Ass

I was on the fence about painting the Born Again bike. BFJosh told me about a local guy he'd seen on Craigslist called "Ma Deuce". Now, I like me some M2 50 caliber machine guns so I was into checking it out. After contacting Jimi, he drove out and looked at my tank and haggard fender and gave me a super reasonable quote. Since the price was right and he seemed like a straight up guy, I went for it. Today, he delivered the freshly squirted tins. All I told him was that I wanted black as the base and some sunset-fade kind of thing incorporated into whatever panels he wanted to do and the rest was up to him. He delivered, plus some. The quality is way better than the reasonable cost and even more importantly, he did it for the price we determined and in the time we agreed upon. He's not a helmet guy and he's not into flames, but if anyone wants a local painter that does what he says he will, Jimi might just be your new favorite painter. Thanks, Ma Deuce!


Days are getting colder already, might be time for a new jacket.

The "Thin" hoodie is exactly that. Nice under leather or for mild days.
Trick little features like thumb cuffs and headphone grommet.
The "Sherpa" is a super premium fleece-lined hooded sweatshirt.
Embroidered on front with low-key logo.
This one makes girls want to snuggle. Promise.


Slab City Riot 2 Mexican Food

Good news, Slabbers! We met Christine and her dad from C Fiesta Catering at the Hell on Wheels Motorally in Elsinore earlier this year. These fine folks can cook up some real deal Mexican food for a fair price and have agreed to come cook for the Slab City Riot 2. They are even going to camp out and serve coffee and breakfast burritos in the AM to cure your hangovers on Sunday morning. So look for some carne asada or chicken burritos and tacos, nachos, snacks, water and soft drinks on Saturday afternoon, evening.

This guys a nut...

...just be glad he's on our side. Recently took a round to the cranium, recovering at Walter Reed. See ya soon, Nate

Vantastic Monday

This wonderful piece of machinery is called "Thunderdome". Thanks to Jay in NH for this one. I'm glad I can't read how much they want for it in the window...


Backstreet Buckets

Some insane work comin' out of Texas these days!

Helmet paint isn't bad either.


Quicky Tail Light Upgrade

I've had this bulletproof titmouse tail light from Gabe at Afterhours for years now. I love the thing, super clever design, really compact and burly. I finally have a project that it works on, but I wanted to dress it up a little. It came in solid brass but this bike has a lot of chrome and polished aluminum and paint so I thought  dipping it would look neat. I also wanted it to look a little older and the lens it comes with is flat and clear with a red LED inside. So, I spent about 20 minutes with a scotchbrite wheel and an old Sparto repop lens and now it's got some shape to it. I love free modifications that take less than one beer's time to make and actually look good!