Days are getting colder already, might be time for a new jacket.

The "Thin" hoodie is exactly that. Nice under leather or for mild days.
Trick little features like thumb cuffs and headphone grommet.
The "Sherpa" is a super premium fleece-lined hooded sweatshirt.
Embroidered on front with low-key logo.
This one makes girls want to snuggle. Promise.


GAT said...

Where can i select the "Thin" hoodie in Burgundy like is says in the description on its page?

Bill said...

GAT, what page do you see the burgundy listed? We only have them in blue, so I'd like to change that typo but I can't seem to find it anywhere.


MikeD said...

I already fixed it Bill. Sorry for the confusion GAT. We only offer blue.

GAT said...

thanks for clarifying that fellas.

Shawn said...

Everything they say about these is true. I have one of each and if I'm not wearing one, it's because I'm wearing the other one.

And yes, even the part about girls and snuggling is true too. It even works for me and I'm ugly as sin.